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Hey, I'm Ryan Heath. I design & develop things for a living and play with cameras for fun. This is where I share my thoughts on all of that — and probably more — along the way.

Pairing Photos

One of the things that took me a while to learn was the impact photos can have when represented as a pair. I’m generally not one to talk about “story telling” with photography (even though I believe in it), but when it comes to pairing photos, I think the story can be laid out so much better.

Take the pair of photos above, for example. Individually, they’re pretty “meh”. You get the idea, there was some nice light making shadows. But with two photos? Now you start to see the full “story”. At least I do. I can visualize this light coming through every window of the house, making shadowed shapes all over the place. The impact is double for me.

Again, another set where the individual photos are solid, but together have greater impact. Haystack Rock is massive, it’s right on the beach and everyone has seen so many photos of it from that perspective. But there’s something about showing buildings and houses that tell the full “story”. When you see one of these, maybe it’s just an anomaly. But when you see two? Then it’s like, okay, this rock is literally right in front of all these houses. At least, that’s how I think about it.

In this last example, these photos don’t even really make sense. I don’t know if there’s any “story” here at all. But that’s kind of my point: sometimes a pair of photos just look better, together. I personally really like these two, but mostly because they’re next to one another. Maybe it’s the colors? I don’t know, Portra is magical. But I do know that I like them a lot less when I see them in isolation.

So there you go. Pair your photos, it’s another trick in the bag to get more out of your photography.