Thoughts on Engineering, Photography, and Design.

Hey, I'm Ryan Heath. I design & develop things for a living and play with cameras for fun. This is where I share my thoughts on all of that — and probably more — along the way.

Riona Buthello

I grew up drawing and painting almost constantly. These days my “creativity” comes out through photography. But when I stumbled onto Riona Buthello’s work, I’d found something that combined the two.

Riona Buthello

Like, c’mon. Incredible.

Many artists paint things that look like photographs, or attempt to, but there’s something about her style that aligns perfectly with my tastes. I strive to take photos of these exact moments.

From her site:

My work tends to make people stop and wonder whether they’re looking at a photograph or a painting until they see these slight textures in my work.

I would say she nailed it.

I recommend following on Instagram, too, for the video clips — it comes to life so effortlessly.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes (Knock Knock)

Creativity and (I’m guessing) a lot of time. I love the art direction of these short little videos, too.

If I had to choose a career other than web design/development, I think I’d try my hand in advertising. I see far more not-so-good ads than great ones, but when I do see the great ones, they’re inspiring. What a creative outlet advertising must be.

I’ve been following a Twitter feed for a while related to this: @Brilliant_Ads.

Bret Victor, Inventing on Principle

Quite honestly this video blew my mind on a number of levels. As he states in the very beginning, the gist of it is:

Creators need an immediate connection to what they’re creating.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

A quote by Scott Adams