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Hey, I'm Ryan Heath. I design & develop things for a living and play with cameras for fun. This is where I share my thoughts on all of that — and probably more — along the way.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes (Knock Knock)

Creativity and (I’m guessing) a lot of time. I love the art direction of these short little videos, too.

If I had to choose a career other than web design/development, I think I’d try my hand in advertising. I see far more not-so-good ads than great ones, but when I do see the great ones, they’re inspiring. What a creative outlet advertising must be.

I’ve been following a Twitter feed for a while related to this: @Brilliant_Ads.

Bret Victor, Inventing on Principle

Quite honestly this video blew my mind on a number of levels. As he states in the very beginning, the gist of it is:

Creators need an immediate connection to what they’re creating.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

A quote by Scott Adams